80 Prompts Children's book for Midjourney

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Do you need photorealistic renderings for generating children's book illustrations? Discover this incredible collection of 80 prompts!

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Save hours of thought and research with a collection of 80 unique promptss specifically designed for generating children's book illustrations with Midjourney. For only a few tens of euros, benefit from a wide range of prompts with varied renderings to illustrate your story with magnificent images!

Each prompt is presented next to a graphic example, to allow you to quickly visualize the graphic properties which could interest you and to help you to efficiently generate your first photo models via Midjourney!

5 reviews for 80 Prompts Livre d’enfant pour Midjourney

  1. SimonV

    Top !

  2. SimonV

    I don't regret my purchase 😀

  3. SimonV

    Exactly what I was looking for !

  4. SimonV

    Frankly not disappointed!

  5. SimonV

    This one is definitely worth more than its price!

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