Intricate vector 2D illustrations

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Generate beautiful colorful 2D illustrations in a vector style thanks to this prompt and the Midjourney algorithm, perfect for a com agency!

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Showcase your services and products with amazing 2D vector illustrations with this prompt!
This prompt Midjourney will help you generate beautiful renderings in a style that could be similar to a vector image made in Illustrator, the prompt is designed to only generate illustrations on a white background. This will make it easier for you to trim it if necessary.

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5 reviews for Illustrations 2D vectorielles complexes

  1. SimonV

    Really very cool!

  2. SimonV

    Perfectly what I was looking for!

  3. SimonV

    It sometimes happens that the illustrations end up on a little gray background, but apart from that it's niquel

  4. SimonV

    Too bad there are a few artifacts from time to time!

  5. SimonV

    Almost perfect !

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